Drone Infrared LUT

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Play the video below to see the LUT in action!

This Infrared LUT is perfect for creating a dreamy unrealistic shift from green to red in your drone footage.

The LUT is purposely too strong and saturated when used at 100%, so make sure you lower its opacity according to your footage for the desired effect. If your software supports that, you can also tweak the hue, saturation and luminosity strength of the individual colours (mostly the red, yellow & blue) to achieve the desired look. 

The Drone Supremacy Infrared LUT is designed for Final Cut Pro X, but it’s also compatible with any other software that supports LUTs (such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve etc.)

Unauthorised distribution of Drone Supremacy's Presets or LUTs is prohibited and will be met with legal action.